[ANN] Yojson 2.2.0

Hello fellow Camel-wranglers,

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Yojson 2.2.0 which you can find in your neighborhood opam-repository.

The most important highlights include:

  • JSON5 support. Getting annoyed by dangling commas being a problem or the inability to use comments? JSON5 is basically JSON but with the object syntax of ECMAScript 5.1 which allows some additional features like unquoted keys, dangling commas or well, comments. This has been in the works for years but finally made it to the finish-line. The new JSON5 parser requires sedlex and at least OCaml 4.08, thus it is part of the yojson-five package. Its usage mimics the Yojson package; there exist both Basic and Safe variants and the AST matches the JSON variants.
  • No CPPO dependency anymore. Given the large amount of reverse-dependencies on Yojson, each dependency of Yojson is going to be a dependency of a lot of packages, thus keeping the dependency cone small makes everything (slightly) faster. As such, instead of using CPPO as a compile-time dependency we now use µCPPO as a light-weight alternative. µCPPO is meant for embedding as part of the build process and supports a tiny subset of what CPPO supports but without an extra package.

Happy de- and encoding!