[ANN] Yojson 1.6.0

I’m happy to announce the release of Yojson version 1.6.0.

In an effort to modernize it a little, each submodule now comes with a type t and equal, pp and show functions.

The json aliases for t are being deprecated, they’ll be removed for the next major release.

Special thanks to @Leonidas since he basically did all the work!

You can find Yojson on github here.


I thought to_string is the OCaml way of stringifying a value, isn’t it?

I interpret to_string as converting a value to a string in a format where hopefully one can also do of_string to convert it back. Useful for (de)serialisation.

I use function show mostly for debugging or end-user display. The generated string need not be convertible back into the original type.

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Yes that’s it, show and pp prints the JSON AST as represented in OCaml, they’re mostly useful for debugging and testing.

The to_string function already exists and convert the AST to a JSON string, which you can parse using from_string.