[ANN] xapi-project packages updated to their latest stable versions

Recently, we removed most of the xapi-project packages from the main OPAM repository, because they were old and unmaintained. Now that we moved to a more OPAM-centred workflow, we have started reintroducing them, by re-adding their updated versions with appropriate OPAM constraints.

Our plan is to reintroduce them all, and keep them in sync with the current XenServer release. Today, we’ve added the following xapi-project packages:

  • message-switch.1.4.0
  • vhd-tool.0.12.0
  • xapi-backtrace.0.4
  • xapi-forkexecd.1.4.0
  • xapi-idl.1.14.0
  • xapi-inventory.1.0.2
  • xapi-rrd.1.0.0
  • xapi-stdext.2.1.0
  • xapi-tapctl.1.0.1
  • xen-api-client.0.9.14

And we have updated the opam files for the following upstream packages:

  • rpc.1.9.51 (finally providing a ppx deriver and compatible with recent ocaml compilers)
  • shared-block-ring.1.0.0
  • shared-block-ring.2.3.0
  • ocaml-systemd.1.2

About the xapi-project
Xapi is a management stack that configures and controls Xen-enabled hosts and resource pools, and co-ordinates resources within the pool. Xapi exposes the XenAPI interface for many languages and is a component of the XenServer project.


Thanks very much for this! Several of these releases, such as shared-block-ring and vhd-tool are of interest to other projects so it is very much appreciated that you submitted them

If you get a chance, editing your post with a brief paragraph explaining what the xapi-project is might make the announcement more accessible to newcomers to the project.