[ANN] Well Typed Router (wtr, wtr-ppx) v3.0.0 released

Dear OCamlers,

I am pleased to announce v3.0.0 release of wtr (Well Typed Router) . wtr is a trie-based router for OCaml HTTP web applications.

v3.0.0 introduces a set of combinators(functions) for specifying routes/router. This is in addition to the ppx mechanism which is now available in a separate package wtr-ppx. Let me give you a small example of the new functionalities.

Let’s assume we want to match the following HTTP target/url:


This is how it can be implemented via the new combinators:

let target2 = Wtr.(exact "hello" / bool /? qint "i" / qstring "s" /?. ())

and correspondingly via the ppx:

let target2 = {%routes|  /hello/:bool?i=:int&s=:string  |} about_page 

Other notable changes are:

  • Addition of pretty printers of routes and router to aid in the debugging and usage in utop
  • Massive overhaul of the documentation which include both the prose and the addition of examples/samples.

v3.0.0 Changes