[ANN] Stramon 0.2.2 - Process behavior monitoring utility based on strace


I’m happy to announce Stramon (right now mainly distributed as statically built binary here).

Stramon is primarily created to make usage of strace and the analysis of strace output easier.

Stramon invokes strace underneath, analyzes the piped output and summarizes the findings into a JSON file when the command finishes.

An example JSON created by running Firefox via Stramon can be seen here. (Network access section is trimmed.)



I think you expected this: :slight_smile:

Any interest in supporting similar tracing mechanisms on non-Linux platforms? For example, ktrace on Darwin and FreeBSD ?

I didn’t think about having it assess multiple platforms and give a unified JSON actually, interesting idea : D !

I think the main hurdle would just be me not being familiar with those systems.

I wrote it primarily for creation of sandboxing policies, and I notice some groups (namely gitlab support team) write their own strace analyzers as well, but overall I am still not certain how interested people are in this type of tools.