[ANN] Snabela 1.0: Logic-less @templates@

Snabela is a logic-less template system loosely based on Mustache but attempting to fix some issues I had with Mustache. To install Snabela simply do:

opam install snabela

Snabela is a spec, a library, and a CLI tool to evaluate templates.

Some features Snabela has:

  • It supports applying arbitrary transformers to the values being replaced. This is useful for ensuring values are escaped, representing numeric values as money, applying locales, capitalizing text, etc.
  • Like Mustache, it has sections for iterating over lists and conditionally applying a portion of a template.
  • Unlike Mustache, Snabela is strict-by-default, in that a missing value, or the wrong type in a test is an error.
  • Snabela supports escaping the template code, which is @ by doing @@.
  • Snabela is meant to be implementable in a wide array of languages and the language is meant to be small.

You can find a gentle introduction to Snabela here:


If you run into any issues with Snabela, please don’t hesitate to make an issue here: