[ANN] SiFun1.0.0 released

Dear All.

I wanted to announce the first release of the SiFun project!!!

SiFun is a Simple Functional language created by me as the part of my bachelor’s dissertation project. The aim of the project is to create a language that supports higher rank polymorphism (unlike OCaml). So far I created two type systems: Hindley–Milner (which is just a simply typed lambda calculus) and System F (which extends HM system and adds features of type abstractions, typed functions and visible type application).

The next part of the project is currently under development - the Bidirectional Type checking, which will fully support higher rank types, as expected.

Feel free to play around with this simple interpreter (I’ve added support of interactive REPL command line) and raise any issues you find. :blush:

Link to the GitHub repo:


be carefull your example link in the readme doesn’t work for me : https://github.com/kkd26/SiFun/examples

This is the good link I think : SiFun/examples at main · kkd26/SiFun · GitHub

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