[ANN] Set up OCaml 2.0.0-beta9


  • Increase the allowed artifact cache size from 5GB to 10GB.

I really love this project. Being able to add CI build tests on Mac/Windows/Linux to an open source OCaml project, for free, by sticking a copy/pasted file into your git repo is pretty awesome.

I’m totally unfamiliar with the world of GitHub actions though. The sample workflow tests ubuntu-latest. Is there a list of other distros that can be used as well? Or is that the only Linux one?

We basically only officially support distros that are supported by GitHub Actions, but setup-ocaml allows you to use your favourite distro more widely in combination with container mode, etc., because it performs proper context switching in official bare-metal runners and other environments.

In short, you can run build and tests using any image you like by combining:

  • Use container mode
  • Enable opam-disable-sandboxing option in setup-ocaml
  • Explore and specify system packages that needed to initialise opam and opam switch