[ANN] Sedlex 3.2

Sedlex 3.2 is out! :tada:

Sedlex is a unicode-friendly lexer generator for OCaml originally written by Alain Frisch at LexiFi and now maintained under the ocaml-community umbrella.

You can read the notes for this release here: Release Sedlex 3.2 · ocaml-community/sedlex · GitHub and an updated opam package should be available soon.

This release brings improvements on a couple of fronts:

  • Better performance when parsing in-memory strings (up to 20x on large ones!)
  • Cleaned up logic with better MalFormed error reporting
  • A new position API returning positions in bytes rather than code points.

The last point might be of interest to most users of the library. It is in fact quite likely that a lot of users were already expecting the existing position API to return positions in bytes. If so, feel free to upgrade to this version!