[ANN] sarif 0.1.0 - Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) For OCaml

Hi folks, I announce the initial release of sarif version 0.1.0, a library for processing and validating the SARIF format. If you are familiar with static analysis and/or code scanner like Semgrep or Snyk etc, SARIF is one of the output format that people generate and share after scanning, the specification itself is quite big and convoluted.

My motivation for making this library is that there seems to be no definitive library for SARIF in the OCaml ecosystem, and even companies like Semgrep relies on some python glue code to generate the format. Given OCaml’s importance in the static analysis scene I thought it would be nice if this gets over the line :slight_smile:

Code: GitHub - gborough/sarif: Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (SARIF) For OCaml

Documentation: index (sarif.index) (Package available very soon in opam-repository pending PR approval)

Have a nice day!