[ANN] safemoney 0.1.0 initial release

Hello everyone! First time poster and ocaml contributor here, I just release a library named “safemoney” which is intended to uphold type safety and enforce lossless operations for various kind of currency manipulations and offers convenient api for users. I started learning ocaml about 2 months ago so it was a great learning experience for me making this library and I must say I absolutely fell in love with ocaml and really think this is the best abstraction for writing elegant, functional and performant software, like rust + haskell supercharged but better :wink: really glad I found this community and everyone seems very helpful and kind indeed.

You can find further info here:

source code: GitHub - gborough/safemoney: A type safe money manipulation library for ocaml
documentation: index (safemoney.index)

Please do forgive me for mucking up the documentation at this moment as I am still trying to figure out the quirks with writing and publishing docs, will fix it soon to the best of my ability. I used dune-release for publishing to gh-pages and seems like a quite a manual process, if you know a better way then please do let me know.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!


Wow, this is quite impressive, especially for an OCaml newcomer! Do you work professionally with currency trading or data?

Thanks you are so kind. Yes I’ve been working in the banking/financial services for a few years, mostly in the payment processing area. I am also very passionate about trading + data science, hopefully I will be able to contribute to the ecosystem soon :slight_smile:


Nicely documented, congrats!

You may want to take a look at MDX: Stanza Reference — Dune documentation

In short, it can make the code snippets in your README executable, so always up to date

Thanks for the tips, really helpful!!!