[ANN] Resto 0.6 and 0.6.1

On behalf of Nomadic Labs, it is my pleasure to announce the release of resto v0.6 and v0.6.1. Resto is set of packages to build REST RPC directories and to serve and call the built directories. It is split into different packages (resto, resto-directory, resto-cohttp-server, resto-cohttp-client, etc.) so as to minimise dependencies (e.g., you can call a directory without pulling in the server dependencies).

Both versions share the same code (see change log below), but the licensing on the code had been mixed up. This is the reason for the two releases: the version 0.6 is distributed under LGPL with linking exception and the version 0.6.1 is distributed under MIT. Future releases will be under MIT only.

The library can be installed from opam.
The code is hosted on Gitlab: Nomadic Labs / resto · GitLab
The documentation is available online: https://nomadic-labs.gitlab.io/resto/

Other than the above packaging/licence fixes, the new versions:

  • Fix a URL percent-decoding bug in the server
  • Provide access-control capability to selectively allow/forbid some services
  • Provide a self-serving client that acts as its own server
  • Provide support for chunk transfer encoding for large values
  • Improves the logging and the logging levels