[ANN] release of batteries v2.10.0

Dear OCaml users,

OCaml batteries included is a community maintained extension of the
OCaml standard library.

The batteries maintainers are pleased to announce the latest release: v2.10.0.
This minor release adds support for OCaml 4.08.0.

Bug reports, pull requests and user feedback are warmly welcome, see the
project page at https://github.com/ocaml-batteries-team/batteries-included/

The library’s API documentation can be found at:

After an ‘opam update’ your should be able to do an
‘opam upgrade batteries’ an enjoy this new release.

This release is compatible with OCaml 4.08.0, but it is not complete
with respect to the standard library of OCaml 4.08.0: this release saw
a lot of changes to the standard library, which have not yet been made
available in the corresponding Batteries module. This means that users
of OCaml 4.08.0 (and Batteries 2.10.0) will have access to these
functions, but users of older OCaml versions (and Batteries 2.10.0)
will not. If you are looking for this kind of backward-compatibility
of new functions, as provided by previous Batteries releases, we
recommend trying the ‘stdcompat’ library.

Change log entries:

  • added LazyList.equal: ('a -> 'b -> bool) -> 'a t -> 'b t -> bool
    (Marshall Abrams, review by Gabriel Scherer)

  • added BatList.fold_while : ('acc -> 'a -> bool) -> ('acc -> 'a -> 'acc) ->
    'acc -> 'a list -> 'acc * 'a list
    (Francois Berenger, Thibault Suzanne)

  • fix BatNum.of_float_string on inputs between -1 and 0:
    “-0.5” or “-.5” would be interpreted as “0.5” or “.5”.
    #886, #887
    (Gabriel Scherer, report by Marcel Hark)

  • added BatHashtbl.merge and merge_all
    (Cedric Cellier, Francois Berenger, Gabriel Scherer)

Best regards,
The batteries maintainers.


Is 4.08.1 also supported?

It installs with OPAM: so I guess yes.