[ANN] Py 1.0 released

Hey everyone,

I’ve just released Py 1.0 on opam. This library provides a nice interface for interacting with Python3.5+ in OCaml.

If you’re interested, install py from opam and let me know how it goes.

See README for more information:


What is the difference to the other two python bindings already out there?

The main difference is the use of Ctypes.

The two other OCaml Python libraries I know of are lymp and pyml

  • lymp calls out to an external Python process, which is unacceptable for some situations
  • pyml uses C stubs – I had some issues building it in the past, which led me to begin working on py

py also provides a sort-of DSL for working with Python objects.

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pyml is still maintained, why don’t you join force with it?

I would be open to it, but at the same time I’m not sure it matters that there are two options.

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If at least one works well, that would be enough.