[ANN] ptime 1.0.0 and mtime 1.4.0


It’s my pleasure to announce new releases of ptime and mtime. Ptime and mtime provide types and clocks for POSIX and monotonic time.

These releases change the JavaScript support strategy for clocks by implementing the primitives in pure JavaScript and linking them via js_of_ocaml.

This means that both the ptime.clock.jsoo and mtime.clock.jsoo libraries no longer exist[1]. Instead simply use the ptime.clock.os or mtime.clock.os libraries like you would do for your regular programs.

By side effect, the packages also no longer depend on any of js_of_ocaml's packages.

Thanks to Hugo Heuzard (@hhugo) for suggesting and implementing these changes. Thanks also to Jonah Beckford for his Windows build patches.

Other changes are described in the release notes for ptime and mtime.

Home pages: ptime, mtime
Docs & manuals: ptime, mtime or odig doc ptime mtime
Install: opam install ptime mtime



A big thanks to my donators.

  1. I had intended to only deprecate these libraries by warning in the META files and requiring the replacement library but it seems the warning won’t show up in many contexts including dune builds. So a breaking change it is. ↩︎