ANN: `pcre2-ocaml.7.5.1` released

Hi, I’ve just released pcre2-ocaml, a wrapper around the Debian package pcre2 (for PCRE new version #2, PCRE2). pcre-ocaml, the long-standing version by Markus Mottl will become obsolete b/c Debian is removing support for the underlying Debian package pcre3 (PCRE old version #1, PCRE1).

[yes, this is confusing.]

This is a port by @tobil4sk (don’t know their ID on this forum): I’m (for now) just maintaining it.

It should be available in opam by now.

I’ve already found a bug (courtesy of @viritrilbia ) and have a fix with the beginning of unit-tests ready to release.

If anybody has any interest in joining in to maintain this package, please do contact me.


Have you swapped your 2s and 3s here? Surely this is a wrapper around pcre2. Right?


Ah, I see: there’s a naming confusion here, and I didn’t help it. Let me try again: Debian seems to choose a name that is at variance with PCRE. So:

PCRE Version: 1
Debian name: pcre2
Markus’ (opam) name: pcre

So the new version is:

PCRE Version: 2
Debian name: pcre3
Opam name: pcre2

the Opam name tracks the PCRE version name. I’ll update my original post, thanks for flagging this.

I don’t think that’s correct, but I may be wrong.

I think Debian chose “pcre3” for an iteration of the old interface (because 3 was its “soname” version, or something). Debian “pcre2” is what normal humans would expect, i.e. the same as upstream pcre2.


Oh ha! You’re right! Let me AGAIN amend my post!

Thank you for being persistent in pointing out my error! I just wasn’t looking closely enough!