[ANN] opam-health-check-ng 0.1.0: check the health of an opam repository on your home machine

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce the first release of opam-health-check-ng that I’ve been developing the past 2 months.

opam-health-check-ng is a fork of opam-health-check (available at check.ci.ocaml.org) of which I’m also the author of and was its main user for the past 6 years. It fundamentally differs from its parent mainly by targeting small home servers using:

  • an off-the-shelf Docker installation
  • tightly controlled network access (e.g. you don’t want to have your home internet stop to a crawl at an unexpected time while you’re watching a video)
  • a tightly controlled load making it easier to benchmark whole runs and have stable temperature, which also makes sure your hardware lasts as long as possible

My main goal was for it to be easier to maintain and deploy when I’m working for the OCaml Software Foundation on making sure the OCaml Software Ecosystem (aka. packages in opam-repository) is ready before each release of the OCaml compiler, as well as making sure the compiler itself doesn’t have any problem.

Incidentally, having a server at home, especially in colder countries like Scotland, makes it so that you’re not wasting any energy trying to get rid of heat from a server room. Instead it now serves as your own personal electric space heater that you can carry to rooms that need it, making the whole process a little bit greener overall.

If you’re in the unlikely case, where, like me you need to test an entire opam repository on a daily basis, you’re welcome to install opam-health-check-ng 0.1.0 using:

opam pin add git+https://github.com/kit-ty-kate/opam-health-check-ng#v0.1.0

You can read on the prerequisites and usage in the associated README.

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming this release to be stable or secure, if you do use it, use it at your own risk. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on the bugtracker.

I’d like to thank the OCaml Software Foundation for founding my work and this release.