[ANN] opam 2.2.0~beta3

Hi everyone,

We’re once again very excited to announce this third and final beta for opam 2.2.0.

What’s new in this beta?

  • opam init on Windows enhancements: this beta greatly improves the opam init user experience on Windows, and the number of recognised configurations
  • opam init --cygwin-extra-packages=<pkgs>: a new argument to specify additional packages for the internal Cygwin installation
  • Support of user directories containing spaces: opam now redirects the opam root to C:\opamroot\opam-xxx when the opam root contains spaces on Windows
  • UTF-8 paged --help on Windows thanks to cmdliner 1.3.0 and some additional Windows API calls, all the opam --help commands now display a paged view by default similar to Unix-like systems.
  • Many fixes, performance and general improvements

:open_book: You can read our blog post for more information about these changes and more, and for even more details you can take a look at the release note or the changelog.

Windows issues

Configuration of Windows is tricky, so please don’t be too disheartened if things don’t work instantly. If something doesn’t work first time, please do report it, even if you manage to find a way to workaround it. If opam didn’t elegantly tell you what was wrong, then it’s a bug and we’d love to hear about it, rather than ending up with a series of workarounds flying around. It’s no problem at all for us to receive a bug report which turns out to be user error - we’d far rather that than not hear bugs which are opam’s error! :scream_cat:

How to upgrade

On Windows

BEWARE: the command shown below is experimental, use caution and please do report any issues that you are experiencing. If you prefer to not use our experimental script, feel free to get the Windows binary directly from the Release Page and put it in your directory of choice instead.

Now that the Windows support was merged in opam-repository,

installing opam is as simple as calling the following command from a PowerShell terminal:

Invoke-Expression "& { $(Invoke-RestMethod https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kit-ty-kate/opam/windows-installer/shell/install.ps1) }"

opening a new terminal, and a simple opam init will work out-of-the-box.

On Unix-like systems

To upgrade, simply run:

bash -c "sh <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ocaml/opam/master/shell/install.sh) --version 2.2.0~beta3"

We’re planning for an opam 2.2.0~rc1 release later next week, so please do report any issue you encounter on our bug-tracker.

Happy hacking,
<> <> The opam team <> <> :camel:


I played a bit with it on Windows, and it works surprisingly well. Congratulations!