[ANN] opam 2.2.0~alpha release!

On behalf of the opam dev team, I’m happy to announce you the alpha release of opam 2.2.0. :tada:

What’s new in this alpha ?

  • :link: Native Windows compatibility, you can now launch opam in your favorite Windows terminal! For the moment, it needs an preexisting Cygwin installation, a limitation that will be lifted for the alpha2.

  • :link: Recursive pinning to have opam look for .opam files in subdirectories.

  • :link: Tree view of your installed packages dependencies (and reverse dependencies).

  • :link: Recommended development tools variable {with-dev-setup} and option --with-dev-setup. It is used the same way as with-doc and with-test. E.g. depends: [ "ocamlformat" {with-dev-setup & = "0.23.0"} ].

  • :link: Software Heritage fallback for archive retrieval.

  • :link: opam install with formulas, like for for switch creation.

  • :link: Several new options for pin, exec, source, clean, switch, and admin.

  • And of course numerous enhancements, fixes and updates.

You’ll find these features presented in the blog post, and for a more detailed view you can take a look at the release note or changelog.

We encourage you to try out this alpha release, instructions are detailed in the blog post, in particular for Windows.

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