[ANN] opam 2.1.4 & opam-publish 2.2.0 & opam-file-format 2.1.5

We are pleased to announce the minor release of opam 2.1.4, opam-publish 2.2.0 and opam-file-format 2.1.5.

This opam release consists of backported fixes:

  • Make opam able to fully build with OCaml 5.0. dose3 >= 6.1 and base64 >= 3.1.0 are now required (#5357)
  • Fix a bug where opam would not output any explanation when a conflict arises when attempting to install a package (#5378)

The opam-publish release consists of the following breaking change:

  • Shorten the generated branch name. This is breaking change for people who want to force-push changes on an already opened PR using a previous version of opam-publish as the branch name might not be the same (#141)

and the following fixes:

  • Fix the github markdown syntax generated by opam-publish (#131)
  • Disambiguate GitHub archive URL computed from repository and tag (#135)
  • Upgrade to cmdliner >= 1.1.0 (#134)
  • Support git remotes with multiple push targets (#137)
  • Fix broken state if the initial opam-repository clone fails (#140)

The opam-file-format release consists of the following fixes:

  • Fix extra lines on non empty headers (#49)
  • Make the tests flambda2-ready (#52)
  • Fix build failure on OCaml 5.0 when using the non-dune build mode (#50)

To upgrade opam simply run:

bash -c "sh <(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ocaml/opam/master/shell/install.sh) --version 2.1.4"

For the rest, simply run:

opam update
opam upgrade opam-publish opam-file-format

–––– The opam team –––– :camel:


Thanks. I also noticed that opam 2.1.4 is on Homebrew for macOS users.

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That’s kind of funny, I can brew update as much as I want I still get:

> brew info opam
==> opam: stable 2.1.2 (bottled), HEAD