[ANN] Odoc syntax cheatsheet


I’m happy to announce the addition of a cheatsheet for odoc’s syntax!

I hope it will make it less painful to learn or refresh yourself on the topic. The full syntax reference is still useful to have some details.

Have {b fun} :slight_smile: !


The math is not rendered as math in the cheatsheet. Is that expected?

How did I missed that? Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

That’s likely to be a bug in odoc’s detection of math, the katex library was not included. Will fix soon…

Fixed: that was a bug already fixed in master, but I used the 2.4 branch to build the website…

Just now it says {e ..} both for italic and emphasized. Should it be {i ..} for the first?

It was indeed a typo that is now fixed… Sorry about that, and thanks a lot for the help!

How is the HTML syntax not anywhere in the odoc reference?