[ANN] ocamlearlybird now an OCaml Software Foundation supported project

I’m happy to announce ocamlearlybird now an OCaml Software Foundation supported project.

We will continue to develop/maintain ocamlearlybird, and may contribute to ocamlrun/ocaml to improve/achieve OCaml bytecode/native debugging support.

Please expect that OCaml debugging experience will be as good as Javascript in the future.


I suppose that you are referring to https://github.com/hackwaly/ocamlearlybird

That’s a great news. Thanks for your work.

Thank you. I’ll update link to topic content.

Have you considered to provide a better quality GIF in the README? Or a WebP - it’s supported everywhere now.

Good suggession! Adding into my todos.

Wow, I did work yesterday on this and didn’t noticed this post

@hackwaly I was thinking, do you have any sort of idea on how to get multiple version support? It seems like we would need something like what merlin does currently, I tried to use the same version that ocaml-lsp-server uses but there is need to enable some wrappers(so more work than expected)

This is great news! I tried to use the hackwaly vscode debuggers early on as one my first orders of business setting up OCaml. There were compat issues w/ the newer compilers, iirc. I also just asked about this in https://github.com/ocamllabs/vscode-ocaml-platform/issues/454, forgetting that this was a project :scream:

If this effort stabilizes & robustifies, it would be great to have it rolled into vscode-ocaml-platform.

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Yes. Support bytecode files in various versions is in plan.

Make ocamlearlybird available to as many versions of ocaml compiler as possible is also in the plan.