[ANN] Ocamlearlybird just got ability to inspect opaque/abstract values

I’m pleased to announce the release of ocamlearlybird.1.3.0. It should soon be able available in opam.

A big feature just landed. You can inspect opaque/abstract values since version 1.3.0.

see Add opaque value inspection by hackwaly · Pull Request #53 · hackwaly/ocamlearlybird · GitHub


That great thank you !

I remember using ocamlearlybird and the biggest issue was that you could pass options to your binary, appart from that it was great. I should open an issue for that.

Thank you for the work on that project !

The next big feature will be dune integration.


I think we can give an option to specify cli arguments before run the executable. And an command to save the current debugging session to vscode launch configuration entry.

Thank you for your feedback.


Yes dune integration would be good, but it was less of an issue for me. Not having it meant I had to find the executable myself, the launch.json file was slightly harder to write. Not being able to pass cli argument was far worse : it meant I was forced to modify the code of my project to provide default values.

You can specify arguments under the arguments key in the VSCode launch configuration as a list of CLI arguments. We might be missing nice user-facing documentation of this, but it’s specified in the launch configuration schema of VSCode OCaml Platform and is suggested for code completion.

Yes, I had found out about this, but it just would not work in my setup. Maybe I had gotten something wrong, it was a few months ago.