[ANN] ocaml-lsp-server 1.10.0

On behalf of the ocamllsp team, I’m pleased to announce version 1.10.0. The only new feature this release offers is better code folding, but there are some important bug fixes and performance improvements. If you encounter any sluggishness with our server, do not hesitate to report it.

Unless there are serious bugs with this release, this will be the last release for OCaml 4.13.

Happy Hacking.



  • Add better support for code folding: more folds and more precise folds


  • Fix infer interface code action crash when implementation source does not
    exist (#597)

  • Improve error message when the reason plugin for merlin is absent (#608)

  • Fix chdir races when running ppx (#550)

  • More accurate completion kinds.
    New completion kinds for variants and fields. Removed inaccurate completion
    kinds for constructors and types. (#510)

  • Fix handling request cancellation (#616)


Is there any chance that opened editor (for example, in vscode) will be updated if in background some other files will change? For example, we change preprocessing switches in dune file and highlighted errors appear/disappear automatically?

It’s on my TODO list. It will require running dune in watch mode though.

Running dune in watch mode is fine for me. Ping me, if you will need testers.

Thanks, I’ll keep you in mind. Don’t expect something immediately, but i would like to experiment with this for around 1.12.0.