[ANN] ocaml and povray

Not something serious, something for the hobbies, here is a message to announce bindings for PovRay povray dot org

This project started as an early draft in 2009: decapode314 dot free dot fr/ocaml/povray/pov-bind.tgz
and more recently I continued this project:

The last version is: pov-bind-0.10

Here are examples of things you can do with it (with sources under the images):
decapode314 . free . fr/ocaml/povray2/examples/0.07/views.html
decapode314 . free . fr/ocaml/povray2/examples/0.08/
decapode314 . free . fr/ocaml/povray2/examples/0.09/

Here is the api-doc of version 0.10:

This is not a bindings to a C lib, it’s a “printf wrapper”, it creates .pov files that you can provide to povray on the command line.

3 api are provided: a simple one that returns strings, functions start with “get_*”, another one that accumumate to a “scene” type that you create at the begining with “new_scene”, and the third one is more descriptive with the type “scene_desc” which can be usefull if you want to List.map something (some other input that you want to represent graphically).

(sorry for the links, discord doesn’t accept more than 2 links for new users)