[ANN] new release: tiny_httpd 0.13

I’m happy to announce that tiny_httpd got a new release.

Tiny_httpd is a small and reasonably simple HTTP 1.1 server that relies on threads (or a thread pool) rather than async/cooperative multitasking. It’s perhaps a bit reactionary[1] but it can be quite useful to add an embedded web UI/web server to existing code (think adding a httpd to ocamlopt or Coq or BAP or…). However, tiny_httpd does come with a basic type-safe router, HTML combinators, SSE endpoints, a packing tool for assets, streaming interface (with chunking) to read/write long bodies in constant memory, and an optional deflate middleware based on camlzip.

  1. :older_man::loudspeaker::muscle::cloud: ↩︎