[ANN] New release of ocaml-r

Dear all,

it is my pleasure to announce the 0.4 release of ocaml-r, a library providing bindings to the R statistical environment interpreter and a few of its standard libraries.

Documentation: http://pveber.github.io/ocaml-r/index.html
Repository: https://github.com/pveber/ocaml-r

This new release brings a big API change, where the bindings are exposed through modules and abstract types instead of types parameterized by object types. The new style is similar in spirit to what’s offered in Lexify’s gen_js_api or Daniel Bünzli’s Brr. The result is hopefully a lot easier to read and use, and incidentally provides a condensed (although incomplete) specification of R’s type system.

Finally the documentation, while it’s far from being exhaustive, has improved a bit. On this topic, I’d like to address a warm and loud thank you to all the good people involved in odoc: you’re changing people’s life for the better :wink: