[ANN] New release of Menhir (20181113)




I would like to announce a new release of Menhir, 20181113. It is
available via opam (opam update && opam install menhir).


The main change is an experimental new syntax for rules. The new syntax is
slightly more pleasant and powerful than the old syntax. The old syntax
remains available; the user chooses between the two syntaxes on a per-rule

This blog post presents a couple demos that use the new syntax:


For expert users, I have also written a brief a summary of the differences
between the old and new syntaxes:


Happy parsing,


I only briefly skimmed the blog post, but the example of helpful error handling at the end was very nice.

I recall reading in the manual (and also on the OCaml GithHub issue page to motivate a Menhir-based parser) that there is new functionality for providing helpful error messages. Is the blog example an example of that stuff, or something different? As somebody relatively new to writing parsers, it wasn’t clear to me (on last reading) how to actually take advantage of these features.