[ANN] New release of Fix (20230505)

Frédéric Bour and I are pleased to announce a new release of Fix.

In short, Fix is a toolkit that helps perform memoization and fixed point computations (including data flow analyses). More generally, it offers a number of basic algorithmic building blocks that can be useful in many circumstances.

In this release, two new modules have been added:

  • Fix.Minimize offers a minimization algorithm for deterministic finite automata (DFAs). It is based on Antti Valmari’s 2012 paper, “Fast brief practical DFA minimization”.

  • Fix.Partition offers a partition refinement data structure, which is used by the minimization algorithm, and could be useful in other algorithms.

There are other minor changes.

The library can be installed as follows:

  opam update
  opam install fix.20230505

is available online.

FB & FP.