[ANN] Messages, a library for type safe encoding and decoding

Hi the community !

I have published today a library I ve done for my personnal usage : messages, which allow to encode and decode json data between ocaml applications. The library as been thought in order to exchange data between javascript and server side with a minimum of code.

The idea is to declare the type of the json content in a shared code, and then let the application generate the appropriate encoding and decoding functions automaticaly. I wanted something simple and easy to maintain (or extend), and opt for a classic libray instead of ppx rewrite. I found nothing with this design and built my own library :slight_smile:

The code is hosted on github : https://github.com/Chimrod/messages

This is the first time Iā€™m annoncing a library publically I hope you you will find it usefull for you !