[ANN] `json-data-encoding` version 0.8 (was `ocplib-json-typed`)

I’m happy to announce that Nomadic Labs is now in charge of the development, maintenance and release of json-data-encoding – the library previously known as ocplib-json-typed. Even though we are changing to a more descriptive name, we are maintaining continuity of version numbers. As a result, this is an announce for the version 0.8.

The library json-data-encoding lets you define encodings for a given OCaml type, and use that encoding to encode values of that type into JSON or decode JSON into values of that type. The library supports multiple JSON backends: Ezjsonm, Yojson, native browser representation (for js_of_ocaml, via the package json-data-encoding-browser) and BSON (via the package json-data-encoding-bson).

It is available via opam (opam install json-data-encoding) and hosted on https://gitlab.com/nomadic-labs/json-data-encoding/

Changes from the version v0.7 include:

  • extensive tests using Crowbar (adapted from similar tests on data-encoding originally by @gasche)
  • minor documentation improvements
  • improved self documentation capabilities for unions’ cases (work by @smondet)
  • improved schema equality (work by @rbardou)