[ANN] Melange 2.0

Dear OCaml users,

the Melange team is proud to announce the release of Melange 2.0.

Melange is a backend for the OCaml compiler that emits JavaScript. It strives to provide the best integration with both the OCaml and JavaScript ecosystems, enabling modern JS workflows and compiling OCaml / Reason to performant, readable JavaScript.

Lots of work went into this release. One of the highlights is its compatibility with OCaml 5.1, released just last week.

I wrote a more comprehensive release announcement in the following post. As always, feedback is very much appreciated.

This release of Melange is sponsored by Ahrefs and the OCaml Software Foundation.


We have since released Melange 2.1 with the following fixes and improvements:


Melange 2.2 is now out with support for OCaml 5.1.1.