[ANN] Mechaml 1.0.0

Dear OCamlers, I’m happy to announce the (almost first) release of Mechaml 1.0.0 on OPAM.
A version 0.1 exists but 1.0.0 should be considered as the first usable release.

Mechaml is a functional web scraping library that allows to :

  • Fetch web content
  • Analyze, fill and submit HTML forms
  • Handle cookies, headers and redirections

Mechaml is built on top of existing libraries that provide low-level features : Cohttp and
Lwt for asynchronous I/O and HTTP handling, and
Lambdasoup to parse HTML. It provides
an interface that handles the interactions between these and add a few
other features.

Please refer to the Github repository for more information, examples and documentation.