[ANN] maintenance releease mirage-crypto

Dear Madam or Sir,

it is my pleasure to announce the just released mirage-crypto 0.11.2 library. This includes a workaround for miscompilation that happens on macOS/arm64 with clang 14.0.3 (which lead to various issues (`Es256_priv` Jwk always fails `validate_signature` with `Invalid_signature` · Issue #63 · ulrikstrid/ocaml-jose · GitHub, TLS `Illegal_parameter` on macOS · Issue #478 · mirleft/ocaml-tls · GitHub) – initially reported and bisected by @samoht. The fix is to not run the LLVM instcombine pass (–instcombine-max-iterations=0) - or have apple fix their software chain eventually (e.g. clang 14.0.4 contains a fix) – but it looks like it is a long path how they push updates to customers.

So, if you end up on a macOS system where the elliptic curve test cases fail, please upgrade to this release.

There are other minor bugfixes, support for the newly released eio in version 0.12 (now using partially variants and less objects), support for DragonFlyBSD and GNU/Hurd.

Thanks to all old and especially the new contributors (take a look at Release 0.11.2 · mirage/mirage-crypto · GitHub if interested, there is as well the full list of changes), and those of you who won't observe any changes please excuse me for wasting your CPU cycles to recompile mirage-crypto itself and its reverse dependencies.

Happy hacking,