[ANN] Lwt.5.6.0 (and other Lwt packages)

It is a real pleasure to announce the release of Lwt version 5.6.0 as well as Lwt-domain.0.2.0, Lwt-ppx.2.1.0 and Lwt-react.1.2.0. With this release Lwt is now compatible with OCaml version 5.

Thank you to the many contributors for the fixes, the improvements, and the OCaml5 compatibility! Check out the changelog for full details on each contribution.


Lwt 5.6.1

Version 5.6.1 of the Lwt package has been released. This version contains a fix for a bug introduced in 5.6.0 whereby devnull file descriptor would be closed during some uses of Lwt_process.

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