[ANN] Lwt 5.5.0, Lwt_domain 0.1.0, Lwt_react.1.1.5

It is my pleasure to announce the release of Lwt version 5.5.0, Lwt_domain version 0.1.0, Lwt_react version 1.1.5, Lwt_ppx version 2.0.3 and Lwt_ppx_let version 5.5.0.

All those packages can be installed via opam as usual.

:rotating_light: Deprecation

One notable change is the deprecation of Lwt_main.yield and Lwt_unix.yield. It is recommended to use Lwt.pause instead.

:rocket: Lwt_domain: an interface to multicore parallelism

Another notable change is the addition of the Lwt_domain package. This package includes a single module Lwt_domain with functions to execute some computations in parallel, using the features of Multicore OCaml. The package requires an OCaml compiler with domains support to install.

Code for this package is the work of @sudha with reviews and packaging from Lwt contributors.

Other changes

The full list of changes is available in the CHANGES file.


And it has some nice Windows fixes too :wink:
Could you please update the online documentation?

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This is now done.

Note that the Lwt_domain documentation is not displayed as part of the rest of the manual for now. I intend to fix that at a later time.

Are you sure that the generation worked correctly? The online API reference is not showing the new ?cloexec parameters in Lwt_unix.

There seem to be a small issue with Lwt_unix. I’ve regenerated the doc and this time it picked up cloexec changes. I’m pushing the new version which should be online shortly.

I’ll check for other possible issues too.

The manpage of Ppx_lwt is a 404 too: https://ocsigen.org/lwt/latest/api/Ppx_lwt.