[ANN] Ldp 0.1.0


I’m pleased to announce the first release of OCaml-ldp, which includes

  • the ldp package to build LDP (Linked Data Platform) applications, runnable either in standalone program (using packages ldp_tls or ldp_curl) or in the browser (using package ldp_js with js_of_ocaml).
  • the solid package, providing a library to interact with SOLID pods,
  • the solid_server package, providing an experimental SOLID server,
  • the solid_tools package, including some basic command-line tools to interfact with SOLID servers and a library to develop other tools.

The packages should be available in opam soon.


Suggestion: Maybe a line or two about what LDP and SOLID actually are.

It might be that anyone who is likely to care about your package knows exactly what they are and wonders how I can be so ignorant. But I just clicked through the links and apart from being something web-related couldn’t see what exactly any of it means.

P.S. The text of your release announcement itself is very well presented with links to all the places I’d want to go to (assuming I could figure out if any of it was useful to me :slight_smile: ).