[ANN] latest batteries release: v3.2.0

Dear OCaml users,

The batteries maintainers are pleased to announce the latest minor release of OCaml batteries-included: v3.2.0.
Batteries is an open-source, community-maintained, extended standard library for OCaml.
The latest version is available in opam.

Thanks to all the contributors for this release!

The change log follows:

v3.2.0 (minor release)

  • BatArray.fold_while: ('acc -> 'a -> bool) -> ('acc -> 'a -> 'acc) ->
    'acc -> 'a array -> 'acc * int
    (Francois Berenger, review by Cedric Cellier)
  • Support for OCaml 4.12
  • BatArray.fold is an alias for fold_left
    (Francois Berenger)
  • BatList.fold is an alias for fold_left
    (Francois Berenger)
  • BatArray.count_matching: ('a -> bool) -> 'a array -> int
    (Francois Berenger)
  • BatList.count_matching: ('a -> bool) -> 'a list -> int
    (Francois Berenger)
  • Provide an explicitly unthreaded package
    For Dune, provide an alternative batteries.unthreaded package
    (Jerome Vouillon)
  • BatList.findi: correct documentation
    (Francois Berenger)
  • BatOptParse.unprogify: bug fix (issue #965)
    ‘%prog’ was replaced only once, now it is always replaced
    (in accordance with the documentation)
    (Francois Berenger, report by OnkV)
  • Expose Map.remove_exn and Set.remove_exn: 'a -> 'a t -> 'a t
    (Cedric Cellier)

Happy hacking,
The batteries team.