ANN: jbuilder 1.0+beta14

It is my pleasure to announce the release of the 14th beta of jbuilder 1.0. Everyone is recommended to upgrade as the release contains no known breaking changes and only bug fixes and new features.

Here’s a copy of the change log for your convenience:

  • Add (copy_files ) and (copy_files# ) stanzas. These
    stanzas setup rules for copying files from a sub-directory to the
    current directory. This provides a reasonable way to support
    multi-directory library/executables in jbuilder (#35, Francois Bobot)

  • An empty jbuild-workspace file is now interpreted the same as one
    containing just (context default)

  • Better support for on-demand utop toplevels on Windows and when the
    library has C stubs

  • Print Entering directory '...' when the workspace root is not the
    current directory. This allows Emacs and Vim to know where relative
    filenames should be interpreted from. Fixes #138

  • Fix a bug related to menhir stanzas: menhir stanzas with a
    merge_into field that were in jbuild files in sub-directories
    where incorectly interpreted (#264)

  • Add support for locks in actions, for tests that can’t be run
    concurrently (#263)

  • Support ${..} syntax in the include stanza. (#231)