[ANN] Irmin 2.0.0 release

On behalf of the Irmin development team, I am very happy to announce the release of Irmin 2.0.0, a major release of the Git-like distributed branching and storage substrate that underpins MirageOS. We began the release process for all the components that make up Irmin back in May 2019, and there have been close to 1000 commits since Irmin 1.4.0 released back in June 2018. To celebrate this milestone, we have a new logo and opened a dedicated website: irmin.org.

More details here: https://tarides.com/blog/2019-11-21-irmin-v2


This is great, I really love the concept of Json_value as part of the core storage abstractions.

Does anybody use it in serious production? For what purposes? Could you share your success stories?

Also, are there any plans on other languages support (native bindings rather than graphql)? Java and Go could make it very popular.

As explained in the blog post, Irmin is used in production by Tezos and by datakit-ci, the CI engine powering for instance the CIs for opam-repository and LinuxKit. It can also compile to JavaScript like in CueKeeper. It also has bindings to Go and Javascript.


And there is now a follow-up blog post, explaining how to use the new GraphQL API available in Irmin2: https://tarides.com/blog/2019-11-27-introducing-irmin-graphql.