[ANN] Gg 1.0.0 – Basic types for computer graphics


It’s my pleasure to announce the release 1.0.0 of Gg. Gg provides basic types for computer graphics.

The big change of this release is that the Gg.Float module now includes the Stdlib.Float module introduced in OCaml 4.07. This means that the additions made there are also in the Float module in your scope when you open Gg.

Ideally the Gg.Float module would have disappeared but some values remain in it that are not in Stdlib.Float and which are unlikely to be ever added there.

Be very careful on upgrading since this entails subtle changes to three of the existing functions of Gg.Float. Besides the semantics of Gg.Float.pp and Box{1,2,4}.inset was also changed.

All of this is carefully documented in the release notes.

Sorry for these silent semantic changes.

Home page: https://erratique.ch/software/gg
API docs & manuals: https://erratique.ch/software/gg/doc/
Install: opam install gg



A big thanks to my donators.