[ANN] forester 2.3

I would like to announce the release on opam of forester 2.3. Forester is an OCaml utility to develop “Forests”, which are densely interlinked scientific websites / Zettelkästen similar to the Stacks Project or Kerodon. An example of a “Forest” is my own website.

This is a major release involving changes to the command line interface, among other things. Please see the full changelog for a detailed description of the changes. Below I give a brief summary:

  • The existing behavior of the forester command is now located under forester build.
  • A new forester new command to create the “next” tree under the base-36 tree addressing scheme.
  • A new forester complete command for completing tree titles, to facilitate tool support.
  • Rudimentary support for emitting XML attributes.
  • Subdirectories of input directories will now be traversed automatically; note that the tree address model remains flat, and subdirectories are present only for convenience.
  • Added a nicer command line interface with --help documentation.
  • I have migrated much of the system code to use the experimental Eio library for improved portability.
  • The example forest has been removed from the main repository, and moved into a separate template repository.

My thanks to Armaël Guéneau, Riley Shahar, and Masanori Ogino for their contributions of code and ideas that made it into this release.