[ANN] First release of Slipshow on opam!


It is my pleasure to announce the first release of slipshow on opam.

Slipshow is a presentation tool to create presentation that are not based on slides, but on more continuous transitions, similar to scrolling.

You can find more information and examples on the project repo and on the documentation.

How is that related to the OCaml community? While the “runtime”/“engine” is still written in javascript (I did not know OCaml back then, but there is a plan to rewrite it), the compiler is written in OCaml! And I am really grateful for the many authors of open source libraries, of very high quality, that I depend on and could do nothing without them :slight_smile: Thanks a lot to all OCaml library and tool authors!

$ opam update
$ opam install slipshow
# create and open `source.md` in your editor
$ slipshow --serve source.md

Hope it can be useful :smiley:


This is amazing :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

for some reason opam won’t install slipshow on ocaml 5.2 or 5.1 switches. opam suggests downgrading to 4.14.2?

– actually, it appears that (at least) the dependency inotify can’t be installed on 5.x on my arm macos system

Same for me under OCaml 5.1.1, plus I can’t even install OCaml 5.2.0 :confused: (I’m on a MacBook Pro M3 Max).

Thanks a lot for trying to try slipshow! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it turns out that Mac support was not tested by the opam CI… (I though it would, and I did not have access to a Mac to easily test)

I used the inotify opam package which binds a Linux library, so it is marked as only installable on linux. However, earlier versions of this package were marked as compatible with Mac, but not with ocaml >= 5.0. Therefore, the opam solver finds the only solution on Mac: use one of the old version of inotify, which requires downgrading ocaml…

@n4323 @mirovarga If one of you can test, I’m wondering, does slipshow --watch some_file.md works when compiled on Mac (by 4.14.2)?
EDIT: I found that there is a non-functional stub on MacOS (that was removed), so I guess it just fails.

Looking at how other package do (dune, irmin_watcher) I need to use fs_events on Macos. That’s very high on my todo list, but please be patient, it requires time and this is currently only a hobby project!!