[ANN] first release of osh: https://osh.ocamlpro.com


I’m pleased to announce the first release of osh, a website providing an API to generate SVG badges.

E.g. this url: https://osh.ocamlpro.com/badge?label=build&color=green&status=passing will give the following result: build passing.

We also have special support for GitHub actions, using https://osh.ocamlpro.com/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml will give you the following: build passing.

Even when using the special GitHub action endpoint, you can override any parameter, e.g. https://osh.ocamlpro.com/badge/github/workflow/status/OCamlPro/swhid/build.yml?color=blue will give you the following: build passing.

We’re willing to add any other special endpoint if someone is interested. :slight_smile:

The source code is available on OCamlPro’s Gitlab, it’s made with ocb for the badge generation part, dream, ezcurl, omd, crunch and Yojson.

There’s also an opam package in case you want to host your own instance.

Enjoy !


Aaaaaand it looks like it’s already broken. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure yet if we’ve already reached the GitHub rate limiting or whatever, will be fixed soon…

I recently found a special badge generator which adds some description information to the badge, like operation system and compiler version. Do you support that too?


Not yet but it shouldn’t be hard to add. :slight_smile:

I added some cache mechanism and it seems to be working well now.