[ANN] Eio 1.0: First major release

I’m happy to announce the release of Eio 1.0, its first major release. Eio started as an experimental effects-based library by the same team that was working on Multicore OCaml. We did not initially plan on upstreaming effects with OCaml 5.0. However, thanks to the efforts from the multicore team and OCaml core developers, effect handlers shipped with OCaml 5.0 (making it one of the first mainstream languages to do so). This presented the opportunity to develop effect-based concurrency libraries for OCaml, and Eio was the first of the lot…

Find more about the journey of Eio in this post – Eio 1.0 Release: Introducing a new Effects-Based I/O Library for OCaml

This is the beginning of the journey towards effect-based schedulers! We are keen to hear from you all to shape up what would be Eio 2.0.

If you’re looking to get started with Eio, the README is a good place to start. Additionally, @talex5’s video introduction, and tutorial to port your Lwt applications to Eio serve as good primers.

I’d like to thank all the contributors for their work and users for their thoughtful feedback. As always, happy to hear feedback about Eio.

Happy hacking!