[ANN] Duff 0.1 - a diff library

I’m happy yo announce duff is now available on OPAM.

This package is an implementation of libXdiff in OCaml tuned for ocaml-git. This library can produce a hash-table from a source and produce an unreadable diff with a target.

Then, we have a tight representation of your target which can be reconstructed (patch) with your source. This package provides a little binary duff which do this transformation as an example:

$ ./duff.exe diff source target > target.xduff
$ ./duff.exe patch source < target.xduff > target.new
$ diff target target.new
$ echo $?

Of course, as a part of MirageOS project (and specially a part of ocaml-git), this package does not need an unix environment. Finally, this package is obviously close to ocaml-git and respects some restrictions explained in the README.md. As others extracted parts of ocaml-git, this library needs improvements about API, so feel free to participate.

Good patch!