[ANN] dream-html & pure-html 3.5.2

Pleased to announce the release of dream-html 3.5.2, which actually spawns a new package pure-html: pure-html 3.5.2 (latest) · OCaml Package

This package offers the same functionality as dream-html, except without a Dream dependency, so you can use whatever web server you like, or even use it for other applications than web servers. It works exactly the same way as dream-html, except the top-level module is Pure_html:

open Pure_html
open HTML

let content = article [] [
  p [] [txt "Header"];
  p [] [txt "Body"];

pure-html has a runtime dependency only on the uri package.


Thanks again @yawaramin for doing this! Much appreciated.

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[ANN] dream-html & pure-html 3.6.0

Hello, I am happy to announce the following changes:

  • Added some htmx attributes that had been omitted. Now as far as I can tell we have complete coverage of all core attributes, additional attributes, and those used by core extensions.
  • Add a ?header:bool optional parameter to to_xml and pp_xml functions to conveniently render the XML header as part of the output.