[ANN] Domainslib 0.5.0 released

I’m happy to announce the release of Domainslib 0.5.0.

Domainslib is a parallel programming library for the upcoming OCaml 5. Domainslib provides support for parallel operations such as parallel_for, async/await tasks etc. with an efficient work-stealing mechanism in its core. Tasks are expressed with effect handlers, enabling efficient nested parallelism.

You can give it a spin with the 5.0.0~alpha1 compiler. For examples of Domainslib programs, here is a tutorial on parallel programming with domainslib, KC’s hands on tutorial at the Tarides retreat, and another one Marek and I did at ICFP 2022.

Submissions of interesting Domainslib benchmarks appreciated at sandmark. Results of existing ones can be viewed at https://sandmark.tarides.com/ under the parallel benchamrks tab. Please feel free to add your multicore/effects libraries and experiments to awesome-multicore-ocaml.

Changes from the previous release: