[ANN] DkML 2.1.0 - Major changes

I’m pleased to announce a major overhaul of DkML in version 2.1.0.

Some of the major changes include:

  • winget install dkml is the recommended way to install.
  • Installation is now in stages. The first stage (winget install dkml) takes 5 minutes and lets the end-user do utop, ocamlc and ocamlrun (sufficient for learning). However, any command that needs Visual Studio (ex. opam, dkml) will first:
    • guide you if you need Git and/or Visual Studio (winget does not support auto-installing dependencies like other sane package managers), and then
    • install the OCaml system compiler, the opam root and a playground global switch automatically on first run
  • Alpha support for macOS/Silicon and most modern distros of GNU/Linux
  • Has an accompanying video describing how to install and use DkML on Windows targeted to both learners and professionals. Includes Visual Studio Code and LSP:

Full release notes, which is especially necessary if you are upgrading, is at DkML 2.1.0 · DkML / Distributions / DkML · GitLab

Thanks to OCaml Software Foundation for supporting the Windows installer.