[ANN] decimal 1.0.0

Hi, I am pleased to announce that decimal 1.0.0 has been released on opam-repository: decimal 1.0.0 · OCaml Package

(decimal is a somewhat-complete port to OCaml of the Python decimal module, contributions welcome to port more functionality!)

There is a breaking change in this release. We have removed the ?eng:bool parameter from the Decimal.to_string function, and replaced it with a more general-purpose ?format parameter: Decimal (decimal.Decimal)

Now the fun part: @zbaylin has added a new ppx_decimal which enables a convenient literal syntax for decimals: e.g. 1.1m is automatically desugared to Decimal.of_string "1.1". Thanks Zach!

Also thanks @anmonteiro for showing me a dune trick to help everything build successfully in Opam CI.



Small update that we have released a bugfix 1.0.1: decimal 1.0.1 (latest) · OCaml Package

This fixes the parsing of floating-point numbers into decimal. It was off by an order of magnitude. Yikes!